Product Development

The Product development process starts immediately when the design assistance team begins working with a client, researching the needs of a project. With a well-developed product it becomes a seamless transition from the design assistance phase through the engineering, planning and budgeting phases.

NR Group clients enjoy the fact that all steps are taken to reduce project cost and duration, while our product development team finalizes the architectural designs. The product development team analyzes product applications, structural integrity, materials and application flexibility.

Refining the product to maximize effectiveness of its use in multiple applications, the team researches the state and local code requirements. When large missile, small missile, water, static or any other type of testing is required, the product development team arranges for testing at testing labs globally, depending on the project requirement.

Often a Miami Notice of approval, known as a NOA, is required for the hurricane conditions in the southeastern United States. All NR products are tested to the extreme conditions with loads pressures exceeding 168 psf. The NR point supported glass, known as PSG, as well as the edge-clamped glass ECG, and all unitized curtain wall systems, comply with the extensive testing requirements.

If your design team is considering a new architectural feature that involves Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) or an interesting Glazing system, contact the NR Group first for your product development needs. Understanding your budget goals allows us to develop a product within budget. The product development process is ongoing with the release of new products when new ideas are presented.

Miami-Dade Notice Of Approval (NOA) Documents

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