Design Assistance & Development

Having the unique ability to watch, learn and listen to our clients, our project design and development team evaluates, analyzes and develops to your specific needs and wants in a proactive and efficient manner. With our extensive portfolio and experience involving complex glazed and metal clad structures, we offer new and refreshing ideas with each new venture during the design phase and participate though out the projects as needed.

We feel it is important to make it know that we are BIM (Building Information Modeling) compliant and have the experience and tools to work with the designers at the earliest of states, providing critical information that often results in cost and time savings.

The role of the Design Assist professional is to be a pre-engineering representative of the NR Group team throughout the design phase of a project. The Design Assist professional becomes an integral active member of the design team and our link into the design process. It is imperative that this team member understands the intent of the system design, the project factors, and the decisions that are influencing the system design as created by the Engineer of Record (EOR). This involvement begins at the wireframe or conceptual phase of the project and shall be an active participate in all design revisions and design team meetings. The team member may be involved with the means and method, cost estimating, and developing the schedule with the other team members in the appropriate design meetings.


Tripoli Airport Adjustable Block

MOL Railing Sample

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