Point Supported Glass (PSG)

NR develops Point Supported Glass known as PSG and Structural glass systems to create dramatic impacts on a property while making a bold architectural statement about the design quality and sophistication of the project in its entirety.

Point supported glass is often used as in store front and canopy applications, point supported glass makes a striking statement with a simple clean design which is aesthetically pleasing to the structure. Fit and finish are key elements to point support glazing systems; giving no indication of the complex engineering that takes place due to the complexity of the high performance systems. The combination of non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel, glass and sealant allow for a product that has a life expectancy far exceeding the conventional store front systems. With a combination of aesthetics, durability and extended life expectancy, point supported glass is a worthy investment for projects looking for a long term investment return complimented by prestige and a one of a kind presentation.

Point supported glass consists of a few very basic elements such as a glazing arms that can be part of the structural system or added as a bolt on component. Often these glazing arms are referred to as spiders or spider fitting due to their unique resemblance. The connecting fitting that hold the glass to the glazing arm is known as a rotules. This is a stainless steel component that allows for the movement needed due to expansion and contraction of the glass caused by changes in temperature and when glass is under pressure from wind. The third component is the sealant/gasket. This combination is typically field applied and comes in a variety of colors to accent system. The final component is the glass. The glass can be designed with unlimited options to the color, pattern and structural values. With modern technology glass can have images printed and etched on it to maximize your point supported glass system.

NR has a point supported glass system that is designed for hurricane conditions with a Florida Product Approval and Miami-Dade Notice of Approval (NOA). This system has both large missile and small missile testing and approval for railing, canopy and glass wall applications.


PSG Full Final

MOL Railing Sample

Miami-Dade Notice Of Approval (NOA) Documents

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