Stick Built Curtainwall Systems

Historically the vast majority of curtain walls are installed long pieces (referred to as sticks) between floors vertically and between vertical members horizontally. Framing members may be fabricated in a shop, but all installation and glazing is typically performed at the jobsite. This is common practice for shops that do not have advanced engineer or detailing capabilities, though in some cases the size of the project or logistical challenges will dictate that the system be stick-built. It is our philosophy to avoid stick build systems because the level of quality that can be achieved with a system build in a controlled environment is unmatched by field glazed systems. Weather plays a big part of construction costs and unitizing your system will greatly reduce variable risks and General Conditions cost.


Four Seasons Hotel
Miami, Florida



System Components

• Stainless Steel Cladded Systems
• Aluminum Extrusions with Thermal Breaks
• Insulating Laminated Low E Glass
• 1” Vertical Movement Stack Joints
• Slab Line Feature Band


• Exterior & Interior Curtainwalls
Small and Large Missile Impact Tested


• Vision or Spandrel Glass
• Sunshade Louvers of Various Shapes
• Laminated, Insulated & Fritted Laminated Glass
• Multiple Finishes Available





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