Canopy & Roofing Systems

The advancement in products and engineering over the recent years have created an evolution in design concepts with the use of over head glass systems that allow the passage of light while providing protection from the climate. Glass canopies and skylights are excellent ways to increase natural light, reducing your energy usage while adding a striking esthetic impact on your project. The glass can be point supported glass (PSG), edge clamped glass (ECG), corner supported glass (CSG), interior clamp system (IGS), Veneer glass system (VGS) or Aluminum Framed Glass to match the curtain wall glass system. NR has installed thousands of square feet of overhead glass over the years are considered experts in the canopy and skylight industry. In addition to the many types of support systems that are available from NR, there are a variety of structural materials available such as stainless steel, aluminum and architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS).

NR also designs, develops and provides metal roofing systems to accent canopy systems to meet the needs of our client's projects. The metal roofing systems can be provided in a variety of profiles, materials and the client's color of choice. All skylights, canopies and roof systems are developed to meet the most extreme weather conditions including hurricanes. .


Canopy Systems



Roofing Systems


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